Is Penile Traction Always About Size?

When the discussion turns to penile traction devices, most people make the assumption that men are once again worried about the size of their penis. This assumption is understandable since, by and large, traction devices are most commonly used to elongate the penis. This approach has been used for generations, though not always with the use of a device like these.

Back in ancient times, men would attach small stones or other weights that would stretch the penis over time. Even this somewhat primitive approach was a relatively modern adaptation of stretching techniques first introduced in the Middle East. The practice, known as Jelqing, consisted of a series of stretches and exercises that stretched the penis. This practice is even used today by some, though it has never been as mainstream as enlargement with devices. This is due, in part, to the fact that Jelqing can be dangerous and it is somewhat common for men to injure the penis and surrounding area when they first start.

Still, history has shown that stretching in one form or another has been an effective way to improve the size of the penis. Today’s penile traction style penis enlargement devices have even been tested in clinical research settings where their efficacy has been proven. Penile traction devices are also used by surgeons following penile enhancement surgery, called phalloplasty. Usually, patients are required to wear the traction device throughout the healing process not only to keep the area steady but also to encourage permanent lengthening.

Even with all this history and a proven track record in terms of penile growth, the fact of the matter is that these devices offer another benefit. Since penile traction devices work by stretching the penis, that means they do more than just lengthen through stretching the penis itself.

For men with a pronounced curve of the penis, traction devices can deal with the issue of overall shape, even when size isn’t an issue of concern. For these men, the aim isn’t so much about adding length through stretching, it’s about simply correcting the curve.

Some guys might not think a curve is that big a deal. After all, most men do have a natural curve along their penis. While a bit of a cure is rarely anything to worry about, some men do have an exaggerated curve that can make erections and sex uncomfortable and, in some cases, even painful. Extreme cases are usually diagnosed as Peyronie’s Disease.

This condition describes any man with a curve to his penis that is so pronounced it makes him uncomfortable physically or even emotionally. Some men may not experience physical pain from the curvature, but its misshapen appearance gives them anxiety and can even prevent some men from getting intimate.

While the condition can occur naturally and is sometimes an issue even before puberty, others don’t experience it until they are older. In these cases, the curve is actually caused by a buildup of scar tissue along the penile shaft. These are the results of trauma to the penis which can easily happen during sex. One centimeter off and suddenly you’re hitting the unforgiving surface of the bones along the top of her inner thigh. It’s an injury that happens to every guy at some point, especially during especially vigorous sex.

Changing the shape of a man’s penis may not be the most common use for penile traction devices, but it is an important function. Men with a pronounced curvature can find relief, hope, and renewed satisfaction when using these devices to correct that curvature. In these cases, it is recommended that the tension on these devices is set at its lowest setting in order to help the device work in its intended way. While focusing on shape may not be well-known, it is an option that can be a true game changer for many men.

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